2013 Season Review

Incredible Year for us at Discovery.
We are jumping with Joy!!

You, the exciting young talent who are the strong foundations of Discovery Triathlon produced performances and achievements never before achieved by club members. You never fail to amaze me and my fellow coaches with your high standard of performances, dedication and effort, which was proven once again by you achieving

GOLD at the Europeans for U20’s, qualification for Hyde Park World Championships for U20’s not just one of you but 4 of you! (read about their achievement reports). Honor Rendall, Oliver Swallow, Arran Rae and Clover Murray.

At the National Series at Eton

Oliver Swallow came 2nd to outstanding quality and Clover Murray finishing top 10.

3 Tri star ‘s competed at National Level for the Region and again placing top 10 for the Eastern Regional Team!

Jemima Walker came 11th, Cameron Kerr 19th and Abigail Kerr 27th.

How can we display our emotions for you all,  you are all one great team and this team keeps building.

Not only in Triathlon but representation in British Cycling events; a recent trip to Holland to compete at a grueling international 1 week mini tour racing at technical levels.  Our Club once again has shouted we are the BEST!

We are so proud of everyone who is part of Discovery the achievements, dedication and skill that makes up this wonderful team of athletes. We managed again, year after year winning awards within the region competing against 100’s of athletes within this race series.

Virgin Active London Triathlon

Many congratulations to Oliver Swallow who won Bronze at the Virgin Active London Triathlon

Discovery Achievments

The Triathlon England Eastern Region League 

The results of the league for our Future Stars for 2013:

Tri Star 3  – Cameron Kerr 1st, Liam Nicholson 4th,

Tri Star 2  – Abigail Kerr 2nd

Tri Star 2 –  Arran Stone – 3rd position

The following athletes were crowned Eastern Region Junior Champion’s for their Age group :

Jemima Walker           Cameron Kerr             Abigail Kerr

Podium Positions

Aaron Stone was placed at 3 Triathlons times during this year’s season out of the 7 events he took part in  3rd at St Felix, 2nd at East Essex and 3rd at Ipswich.

Catherine Blacklock came 2nd at New Hall Aquathlon and 5th at Upminster Triathlon

Elliott Swallow – 2nd at Upminster Aquathlon, also competed at East Essex, Norwich, Cambridge and Eton Dorney where he came an incredible 13th!

Ethan Reilly – Placed in all 3 events he took part in during the season, 2nd at Newhall, 3rd at East Essex Triathlon, 3rd at Upminster Triathlon

Jemima Walker placed 6 times during the season, 1st at Newhall, 2nd at East Essex, 3rd at Norwich, 1stat Cambridge, 3rd at Eton Dorney and 1st at Ipswich.

Liam Nicholson – placed 4 times during the season out of the 6 events he competed in, Upminster Aquathlon 3rd, St Felix 2nd, Upminster Triathlon 3rd, Norwich Aquathlon 1st

Lucy Pike – Came 3rd at the Clacton Duathlon, Lucy also competed in 7 other events during the season coming within the top 10 in each event.

Sam Allen – Came 3rd at Clacton Duathlon

Tristan Reilly – Competed in 3 events during the season and came 3rd at the Upminster Triathlon.

Abigail Kerr was placed at all 8 Events she took part in during this season 2nd at Newhall Aquathlon, 2ndat Basildon Aquathlon, 3rd at Upminster Aquathlon, 2nd at Norwich Triathlon, 2nd at Cambridge Triathlon, 1st at Tri Force Tri Athlon, 1st at Kimbolton and 1st at Ipswich.

Cameron Kerr was placed at 6 events during this Season, 1st at New Hall Aquathlon, 1st at East Essex Triathlon, 1st at Norwich, 2nd at Tri Force Triathlon, 1st at Kimbolton and 1st at Ipswich.


Non Podium but consistently training and competing

Elizabeth Stewart – competed in 7 events during the tri season

George Beesley – Competed at the Clacton Duathlon and came 10th

Katie Connew – competed in 6 events during the season coming in the top 12 for all her events, Katie finished her season at Hever Castle Triathlon.

Mary Robinson – Competed once this season at the Upminster Aquathlon and achieved a 5th position.

Ciara Nicholson – Ciara competed in an incredible 9 events during this season coming in the top 7 for 8 events, great going Ciara

Sam Tremelling – competed in 4 events during the season,

Cameron Newton – He came 6th in his first ever Triathlon at Basildon, then he came 4th in his next one by a whisker at St Albans

The Cross Country Season

Congratulations to those who were part of ‘Discovery Team’ in achieving ‘Runners Up’ in the 53-12 Junior Cross Country League including those who achieved individual podium successes. You battled through some terrible weather conditions to prove once again that you can compete with the best in some of the counties most respected top running clubs and you achieved all this without the help of your senior colleagues, well done.

This year to add additional competition to our ever growing strength we have joined the Essex League to compete in our first year with this group of athletic clubs and national talent this will be again show our true colours to all.  Our first event 19th October – so we are polishing our spikes!!!  The Tri Stars will still aim to be successful representing Discovery in the 53-12 league whilst our youth and Junior section of Discovery will participate in the longer distances for Essex League.  First 53-12 meeting is 3rd November.

Discovery can justify the results and shout aloud to show their continued performance throughout all disciplines,  supplying the regional academy with the most numbers from any of the regions clubs – Discovery have 4 youth athletes attending the high level selection phase.

For 2014 our youths start to move up to Junior and have just been awarded places for the 2014 regional academy; again 5 athletes have been awarded places.

Oliver Swallow receiving a National Place in the academy at 16 years old! Wow!  I cannot wait to write 2014 news updates. Oliver’s running has been placed at National Level

Clover Murray has been asked to join elite team for Ireland competing at Triathlon for the country of Ireland – so another amazing achievement.  Clover will decide upon accepting as she has her GCSE’s to complete.

Jemima Walker is showing outstanding talent and has been given a place within the regional academy and will be racing the super series for 2014.  Her running has seen her placed at National level.

Our membership increases year by year which must be accredited to the club’s outstanding performances by its youngsters which attracts new members all wanting to be part of your success.

I hope you are proud to be a member of a club which was initially formed just for children and despite its young age is able to compete with junior sections of clubs who have been established as long ago as 1985 and accordingly have at their disposal far greater resources than us.

From the day in 2006 when I formed the club with 6 excited youngsters, which quickly grew to 8 and then 12 in a very short time enabling the club to compete in its first full season in 2007, we have never looked back.

Those initial members gave the club such a strong foundation on which to build with their performances in that first year with Harrison Staines (Tristar Start) and Oliver Swallow (Tristar 1) becoming League Champions, Robyn Broadbent being runner up in the Girls Tristar 1 and Christopher Benjamin securing a third place on the podium in Tristar 2.

‘Top Ten’ places in the final league positions within the four categories you entered in Triathlon England’s Eastern Region.

Today we have over 25 members with several triathletes who have shown interest following the Olympic Triathlon success and our own members’ successes in achieving selection to the British IR Championships along with those members who have qualified for selection to Team GB for the European Triathlon Championships in Alanya Turkey this year.

My report would not be complete without thanking the wonderful coaches that surround me,  Luke Stone and Ash Nicholson,  their continued hard work and support of me is very much appreciated.

I would also like to personally thank Mark Balbry and Nigel Hampton for their addition coaching Mark with Core Strength and Nigel with the Cycling,  we are truly grateful for your imput with our athletes and your expertise is very much appreciated.

With all the successes you achieve year after year, it is difficult for me to imagine that which you will achieve this year. So I will end by congratulating you all once again on your achievements in 2013 and to thank you and your parents for all the effort and dedication to the club.

I wish you all the Very Best of Luck for a successful 2014.

Wendy Staines

Head Coach and Founder Member.

15th October 2013