About Discovery

In 2006 a group of cyclist parents and children met or rather continually passed each other on the ‘Flitch Way’ near to the Discovery Centre in Great Notley Country Park, Braintree. After stopping and getting to know each other and discussing our children’s activities, we found we had good swimmers, good cyclists and good cross country runners from which the Discovery Triathlon Club was born, for children from eight years old upwards.

Discovery Tri - squad

The Club consists of 30 junior members from the ages of 8 to 16 with some of some parent members and volunteers making an adult membership who compete in Cross Country events. Because of the excellent reputation the club’s exciting and talented youngsters have gained, it now attracts members from a very wide area with one travelling from as far away as 30 miles to the club’s main training base.

We are fortunate to have the facilities needed to enable us to train for the three disciplines of triathlon in one location and during warmer weathers, open water swimming is additional to our training programme as is Cross Country Running during the winter months.

Competitiveness is never very far away from the club’s members, even social events tend to be Swimming, Cycling or Running.

However,  we are a team. There are no club championships, in which a member can be crowned ‘club champion’ or be considered the best. Our goal is for ‘the team’ from Discovery to be the best.

Individuals may shine or be selected for championships but that is considered as part of the Discovery Team’s success and is celebrated as such. Every child in the club is considered a star for being able to combine the three disciplines of swim-bike-run and thereby being able to perform in the very exciting and strenuous sport of triathlon.

That is why we ‘click’.