Entering Races

Entering triathlons and other events

If come along to Discovery Tri you don’t have to enter any events however the majority of our athletes do as they are fun, relaxed and social occasions.

There are many types of races you may wish to enter including:

  • Triathlons – swim, bike, run
  • Duathlons – run, bike, run
  • Aquathlons – swim, run
  • Cross country – run
  • and many others.

There is an east region Children’s league that many of our athletes enter and do well at.  For a bit more information visit:  British triathlon

General information:

Triathlon England East region in conjunction with the regions triathlon clubs run a Triathlon League competition.

The Triathlon league has five age groups consisting of the following age categories

  • Youth 15 & 16 Year olds ( under 17’s )
  • Tristars 3 13 & 14 Year olds .( Under 15’s )
  • Tristars 2 11 & 12 Year olds ( Under 13’s)
  • Tristars 1 9 & 10 Years olds -( under 11)
  • Tristarts Under 9’s

All ages are the age at the 31st of December 2017


The typical race distances for the above age groups are attached at the end of this document. (These distances may vary from venue to venue but not significantly ).  There are number of events over the spring and summer which qualify for inclusion in the league series but they are extremely popular and they get filled very quickly. ( See How to enter races for information.)

The end of season league positions are determined by the number of points an individual athlete has amassed over the season based on a maximum of 5 scoring events of which the best 4 triathlons and the best other event (triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon) count towards the athletes overall score.

The winner of a designated triathlon event receives 10000 points the following placing’s receive an adjusted points score on a sliding scale depending on how far behind they are from the first finisher. Therefore if you cannot win the race, it is therefore important to get as close as possible to the winner’s time to get the best possible points score.

Ideally 5 qualifying events are advised to be completed to reflect a season comparable to other athletes in the region.

To be eligible to be included in the East regions League ( ERL ) your child must hold Triathlon England membership which is applied for via the triathlon England website.

The triathlon events are staged throughout the region – A schedule of events for 2017 will be circulated by the club on receipt to all members. Full events listings of the race series can be found on the Triathlon England East region website. The Discovery committee members will try to keep all members updated via emails or social media pages.


How to enter races

The majority of events ( with the exception of some regional clubs ) are listed on the following

Websites :



The websites enables you to view all the Triathlon and similar events throughout the UK for all ages including adult events. The websites will display the date of the events, their location, the number of spaces available and when the event is open, enabling you to sign up your child for the event on line. Unfortunately the website does not tell you when the event is going to be open so regular inspection is advised to avoid disappointment. Some events open early in the year up to 6 months before the race is to be staged and some of these events do get filled.

Before you start to enter onto a race list you will need to have a record or estimate of your child’s anticipated swim time – especially an idea for 150m for the Tristar 1 category which is not a standard swim distance.


Typical Event Costs

The typical cost of events are IRO of £20 per entry some maybe higher some lower. A race licence (which is essentially personal insurance) is an additional cost if your child does not have triathlon England membership, this is usually £1 extra in addition to the event entry fee.

All children’s Triathlons are staged in safe surrounding’s usually at a school which has a swimming pool and ample school fields for cycling and running. All the events are marshalled and TEER sanctioned, and majority of children’s races are provided with TEER race officials.



Below is a link that will allow you to enter all of the information from this page:

D04 Event Entry Information sheet 2017

if the link doesn’t help answer all of your questions then please contact a coach or committee member who will be glad to help.