Coaching Session Information

Training takes place at Moulsham School or Tri Farm on Thursday evening’s from 7pm until 8pm

Ideally athletes should arrive at 6.45pm to set up Turbo’s, bikes or get into wetsuits.

On your first visit if you meet in the car park adjacent the running track one of our coaches will be along to introduce themselves. If you could also let our membership secretary Ash Nicholson know by email or text that you intend to attend so that our coaches will be fore warned and look out for you.


Essentially the sessions over the spring and summer take the form of bike and running training on the field.  Additionally we undertake open water swimming during the summer at Trifarm in Boreham.

The sessions over the autumn and winter take the form of bike spinning sessions followed on with running drills and associated run based exercises.  During this time of year the training can either be track side (outdoors) or inside when a hall is available. Please ensure that you bring appropriate clothing for outdoor and indoor training.


To get a good experience from the coaching sessions a bike is really required. If you already have a bike it can be used if possible ( and if compatible ) in conjunction with the club training turbo’s. A 24″ wheel is the minimum the club turbos can take. There are a limited number of club turbo’s and these are available on a first come first served basis, although every effort will be made to alternate usage when turbo’s are in short supply.

If you already possess a turbo please feel free to bring it along, the majority of our regular athlete’s bring their own turbo’s.  There is an additional cost for these sessions payable direct to Trifarm on the night.

If you intend to bring a bike, a bike helmet is mandatory when cycling outdoors- (No helmet no cycling)
Even when indoors we occasionally use helmets and tri belts when practicing transitions.

Training schedule

Pentathlon GB coaching

If you fancy undertaking Pentathlon related activities including  swimming, running and shooting then from 2018 we will be running laser shooting training at our Thursday evening sessions.

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